Ian Levitt Attorneys offers clients that added personal service, which
undoubtedly lacks in larger firms. Our Practice areas include:

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Litigation and arbitration icon


We assist our clients in establishing the means of dispute resolution that is ideal in each particular situation.

Settling a matter through arbitration is an alternative to going to court and is generally a quicker means of resolution. Should this be a viable option, here are some of the ways in which we will assist you:

  • by appointing an arbitrator with specialist knowledge relating to the issue at hand,
  • by drawing up arbitration agreements, establishing how the process will be regulated, and
  • by having an arbitration award made an order of court.

Alternatively, litigation may be a preferable choice and our attorneys, with first class preparation techniques and communication skills, will not let you down. We will file the correct legal documents, attend the necessary meetings on your behalf and see that the stipulated time limits and procedural rules of court are strictly adhered to. Thanks to their experience and proficiency in the rules of court, our litigation attorneys are bold and assertive in the court room, whereas outside of court, they maintain reasonable and professional relationships with all parties and court officials involved. This makes for a winning combination that ensures the best possible results for our clients.

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Our expert criminal law attorneys have a wealth of experience and knowledge of all criminal laws and procedures. We know our clients' rights and we know how to enforce those rights as swiftly as possible.

We understand the personal and social difficulties that an individual faces when dealing with any sort of criminal proceedings. For this reason, we assist our clients promptly and efficiently in a variety of ways, including:

  • advising you of your rights and explaining what you can do and say to protect your best interests,
  • negotiating on your behalf with expert prosecutors and law enforcement officials,
  • formally representing you in court and advising you on how to testify,
  • dealing with any applications, such as for bail or appeals against an inappropriate conviction or sentence,
  • assisting you with having persons extradited,
  • we also assist clients who are complainants, for example by ensuring that your matter is heard and properly dealt with by the criminal justice system.

No matter what the situation may be, our professionals offer accurate, objective advice and strive to achieve the best outcome for each client.

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Whether you are considering dissolving your marriage, are in the middle of a divorce or have previously been divorced – we have the experience and expertise to assist you. Our team offers accurate legal advice and exceptional representation both in court and during informal negotiations. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to understanding your unique issues and explaining how best to approach your situation, especially where there are children involved. We place the best interests of any children affected by divorce proceedings in top priority, with the aim of reducing the possible disruptions suffered by your family.

Our dedicated attorneys keep in touch with clients every step of the way and can promptly assist you with:

  • instituting or defending a divorce action,
  • drafting and filing the necessary legal notices and applications (such as for interim maintenance),
  • the division of marital property,
  • determining and enforcing spousal maintenance,
  • agreements regarding the care, contact and maintenance of children,
  • advising and assisting you with all matters relating to your family, marriage and children.

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For all your requirements relating to aircraft and air travel, our competent attorneys in the field of aviation law are here to advise you and represent you in litigation. Whether you are a businessman, an aviation professional or an ordinary citizen, we will provide you with the necessary guidance in areas such as:

  • Financing transactions
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Wet and dry leases
  • Regulation of business matters
  • Insurance
  • Operation and maintenance of aircraft
  • Disputes relating to air travel tragedies and accusations of law violations

… and this is not a closed list. Our team is extremely proficient in all legislation, common law and international conventions and recommended practices relating to all spheres of aviation. In a specialised field such as this, with its own regulatory bodies, the experience and know-how of our legal team is indispensable to those already involved and looking to become involved in aviation. We can give you piece of mind for future endeavours and resolve any disputes that you may be faced with in the field of aviation.

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This is a highly technical field reserved only for those who understand the corporate and commercial world. Our banking and finance law attorneys offer services of an exceptional quality to both individuals and companies, whether they require advice as lenders or borrowers. From the simplest of matters to the most complex company deals, our professionals are equipped with the skills needed to:

  • analyse and apply the necessary rules and regulations
  • comply with the correct formalities and procedures
  • investigate and predict future trends
  • understand the fine print and ensure our clients’ interests are well covered, and
  • clearly communicate the best advice available to our clients

We will assist in negotiations, structuring deals, completing due diligence checks, mediating between parties and ensuring that all deals are legally compliant. We offer advice and legal representation in respect of all facets of banking and finance law, including financing relating to project and infrastructure, leverage and acquisition, assets and property, securitisations as well as capital markets. Our experienced team is serious about providing only the most accurate and reliable advice in order to protect our clients’ best interests and see to their success.

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Our legal experts understand the massive organisational demands placed on those who are starting their own businesses. We offer top quality legal advice on corporate entity formations and all the associated legal rights and obligations, to ensure that our clients cover all their legal bases. We will advise you on the best form of business enterprise for your particular circumstances, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or some form of corporate entity. Our attorneys possess thorough knowledge of the particular characteristics of each type of enterprise and are capable of analysing the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the various legal implications, specific to you.
We will guide you in recognising and staving off potential risk by assisting with:

  • the drafting and filing of contracts, memorandums and other legal documents
  • compliance with legal formalities, the Companies Act, the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission and other regulations and international best practices
  • securing licences and permits
  • understanding the “legal personality” of your enterprise
  • the maintenance of capital and protection of intellectual property
  • the relevant auditing requirements
  • your risks as an employer, and
  • the rights and duties of partners, directors, shareholders and members of a CC, as the case may be.

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Our corporate law attorneys have a polished knowledge of business law, the latest commercial trends and of course the prevailing developments in applicable legislation and regulations. When it comes to any of your unique corporate matters, our ambitious team can offer you expert advice and reliable representation. Regardless of the type of industry and size of the companies involved, we can assist you with the incorporation of companies, restructuring of corporate entities, mergers and acquisitions, listing or delisting on stock exchanges, securing finance and in many other respects.

Our professionals are extremely proficient in analysing information, assessing risk, drafting legal documentation, negotiating terms and completing lawfully required formalities. We understand the competitive nature of this field of law and strive to see to the success of our clients. Our attorneys practice good communication skills and accurate attention to detail in order to ensure that the interests of our clients are placed in the highest regard and are fiercely protected.

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Attempting to retrieve money that is owed to you is most often a laboured and frustrating task. However, our legal professionals are experts at debt collections and take a no-nonsense approach. We employ only the most efficient means of debt collection in the given circumstances, and in the process we will assist you by:

  • drafting legal letters and notices, and instituting legal processes
  • analysing the debtor's assets to establish the best approach to take
  • arranging for searches to be conducted for a missing debtor
  • enforcing contractual agreements and judgments granted in your favour

Our attorneys have a keen awareness of the National Credit Act as well as the rights and obligations of a credit provider, and thus are competent to provide advice that our clients can depend on and use to make optimal decisions. Our team of experts have the experience to recognise delaying tactics and will ensure that unnecessary delays are swiftly dealt with in order to avoid drawing the matter out.

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Energy laws are rapidly developing as a result of many corporate and environmental factors. Our attorneys are well-versed in these latest developments and offer distinguished legal advice to a variety of clients in the sectors of renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Whether you are an investor, supplier or manufacturer, or perhaps involved in project sponsorship, infrastructure or construction, our legal professionals will provide you with the information and assistance you require.

Our attorneys are competent to assist in assessing your risk factors and to advise you with regard to applicable regulations and formalities, approval and authorisation processes, the impact of environmental protection legislation as well as on comparative international laws. We understand the importance of establishing foolproof legal frameworks and contractual agreements necessary to protect the interests of our clients, no matter what facet of the energy industry they are involved in.

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Our family law attorneys possess a fantastic combination of empathy and understanding for our clients' circumstances, as well as knowledge of the laws and processes applicable to a client's individual needs. Our family law department deals with:

  • types of marital regimes, pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • divorces, the division of marital assets and liabilities, spousal maintenance, child contact and care, child support and the termination of parental rights
  • paternity, adoption and guardianship
  • domestic violence and restraining orders
  • any other family related matter

Our professionals are capable of providing our clients with accurate and detailed legal advice, yet in understandable terms. We are proficient to tackle disputes either outside of court with informal negotiations and settlements or in court with litigation. Our family law attorneys have the experience to know that at times urgent action has to be taken against another party, such as a spouse, and we strive to assist our clients through any situation in the least stressful manner possible, while also attaining the most effective results.

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Our attorneys have the commercial expertise and practical skills to assist anyone who is affected by actual or pending insolvency proceedings. Whether you are an individual or a company suffering financial distress, or a creditor seeking to secure your finances, our knowledgeable professionals know the ropes well in this area of law and will provide top quality legal advice and representation in litigation. For those in financial distress, we will assess your situation thoroughly, explain the available options and offer advice on your optimal course of action. We will assist in negotiations with creditors, the drafting of financial restructuring proposals and ensure that you understand your rights and duties with regard to your creditors.

If you are a creditor yourself, we will determine how valid your securities are over the insolvent entity and assess your standing amoung the other possible creditors. We will assist in tracking and valuing your debtor's assets and recommend the best means of ensuring full recovery of your finances.

Should informal attempts at settlement be unsuccessful, we will guide you in instituting insolvency proceedings and robustly defend your rights in a court of law, as creditor or insolvent debtor.

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Both insurance providers and insured parties seek the expertise of our legal professionals. We are apt to deal with all kinds of insurance policies and claims, relating to your business, health, home, vehicles, mortgage agreements and more. We will assist with all your corporate and personal insurance needs by:

  • offering advice that accords with current laws and regulations
  • supervising the drafting and reviewing of insurance policies to ensure they are free of technicalities and are legally compliant
  • seeing that policies are lawfully maintained and up-to-date
  • making sure that your claim is paid timeously and in its entirety
  • providing you with accurate expert advice and legal representation that is second to none.

When it comes to insurance and the law, there is no policy too complicated or dispute too tough to tackle.

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Intellectual property icon


We understand the influence of market branding and the importance of protecting your intellectual property rights – especially in our competitive environment of today. This is why we offer you only the best advice and legal protection that is available. Our intellectual property law attorneys have a thorough knowledge of patent laws as well as the procedures and formalities of the patent offices. In this specialised area of law we offer legal expertise ranging across a broad spectrum. We are competent to:

  • assist with filing applications for patents or trademarks,
  • draft licencing and other agreements,
  • take on exploitation and infringement disputes and generally defend your intellectual property rights
  • manage trademark portfolios
  • deal with all matters relating to branding and commerce

Whether your issues are contentious or non-contentious, we are proficient in all that intellectual property law encompasses and how best to protect your creations of the mind. Our legal experts have the benefit of drawing on the expertise of other professionals in various areas of law and are extremely qualified to advise and represent you in securing the rights to which you are entitled.

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Law of the sea icon


Considering the immense importance of the shipping lines that connect South Africa within itself and to the rest of the world, we take great pride in seeing to the success of our clients in this area of law. For ship owners and importers, charterers, cargo insurers, commodity traders, port operators and many others involved in this field – we are certain to offer you exceptional legal advice. The competence of our attorneys is rooted in their practical approach, their ability to network and their indispensable experience. Further to that, they have the ability to work in association with legal professionals in other areas of law who specialise in, for example, tax, finance, environmental and corporate law.

We are proficient in both local and applicable international rules and regulations, giving us the best footing on which to advise you on:

  • jurisdiction,
  • insurance matters,
  • local and foreign claims and disputes,
  • environmental considerations,
  • safety measures and casualty response,
  • building and repair operations,
  • cargo and carriage matters,
  • issues relating to customs,
  • salvage and wreckage removal, and
  • a range of other matters relating to shipping, ports, logistics and finance.

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Mergers and acquisitions icon


For all matters related to mergers and acquisitions, our corporate law attorneys are well-versed in this specific area of law. Clients from a variety of sectors, dealing in both public and private spheres, trust in our skilled attorneys to:

  • provide advice on the structuring and implementation of transactions, as well as on strategic courses of action available and the implications thereof
  • explain all applicable laws and regulations that relate to particular transactions in such a way that clients can understand
  • enter negotiations on terms of agreement and draft all necessary legal documents
  • take care of legal due diligence assessments; BEE transactions; sales of shares, businesses or assets; tax structuring; joint venture activities; takeover offers; investments and divestitures; and more.

In both non-contentious and contested issues, our legal professionals have the experience and drive to provide you with the distinguished advice and representation you require.

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Mining law icon


We provide exceptional legal advice in this area of law because our attorneys understand the mining industry and how it is influenced by its regulators. The top quality advice that we offer stems from our knowledge of current court judgments, as well as the rules and regulations that govern:

  • environmental considerations pertaining to the use of land, water and other resources and how best to deal with waste management and rehabilitation regulations
  • prospective rights and various mining rights, as well as the associated licencing and authorisation processes
  • health and safety measures, and compliance frameworks generally

Above that, we offer the services of drafting legal documents, handling negotiations and providing industry-specific guidance with regard to a number of issues such as commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and BEE obligations.

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We assist clients who have suffered physical and/or psychological injuries, as a result of the negligent or wrongful acts of another person or entity, to claim compensation for past and future losses suffered because of:

  • earnings lost,
  • hospital and medical expenses incurred,
  • pain, suffering and emotional distress experienced, and
  • the death of a breadwinner.

We are highly accomplished with claims against the Road Accident Fund for personal injuries suffered by drivers, passengers or pedestrians, and for loss of support suffered by dependants where the life of a breadwinner has been lost.

Our attorneys also have impeccable knowledge of medical malpractice claims. If you have suffered from poor medical treatment or an incorrect diagnosis at the hands of a medical professional or department, we are more than competent to assist with your claim from start to finish.

We thrive on seeing our clients recover the compensation to which they are entitled. By applying their expertise and years of experience, our team of

  • professionals take care of:
  • evaluating the merits of your claim,
  • requesting investigations,
  • conducting the necessary research,
  • drafting legal documents,
  • appointing experts and witnesses, and
  • negotiating and litigating on your behalf.

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Property law icon


For all of your commercial and private property concerns, we offer you the best legal advice and assistance available. Our professionals have a thorough understanding of the laws of contract as well as all legislation and common law relating to leases, construction, town planning, financing, tax issues and more. This is why our clients trust us to provide assistance with:

  • drafting immaculate transfer documents and title deeds
  • handling properties and property portfolios
  • acquiring or disposing of property
  • leasehold titles, and single- or multiple-tenant leases
  • burdensome contractual terms
  • property developments
  • ownership of or use of shared property.

Further to that, our specialised conveyancers will take care of the transfer and registration processes associated with sales and acquisitions of immovable property. Their experience and great network of “insider” relationships renders our team of conveyancers competent to deal with the following, and more, on your behalf:

  • all processes and formalities involving banks, city councils, revenue offices and deeds offices
  • any outstanding payments that require clearance
  • latent defects and unforeseen requests to adjust the terms of sale and transfer agreements

… and we will give parties notification of when the transfer and registration processes are complete.

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Trademarks and patents icon


Trademarks are words and symbols used to represent your company or product, and a patent confers a right for a set period that excludes others from making, using or selling your invention. Our attorneys are extremely familiar with and highly skilled in both protecting already established intellectual property rights and filing applications for trademarks and patents, in the national and international spheres.

We will accurately advise you of the registration process and the costs involved, and see that stringent time limits and legal requirements are met. We will conduct comprehensive searches required before applying to register your intellectual property in order to eliminate potential problems. We are apt to advise you on what constitutes a strong trademark and assist with the description of your patent – both of which are imperative to increasing your chances of succeeding with your application and ensuring ultimate protection of your rights in the future.

Our intellectual property law attorneys have a wealth of knowledge of the applicable laws and case law and thus are proficient in preventing infringements and protecting our clients from unfair competition.

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Trusts icon


If you wish to place property in trust, our attorneys will provide exceptional strategic advice for maneuvering your resources in order to optimally preserve your wealth. Our legal experts are sure to assist you by:

  • helping you to decide what type of trust(s) will be most suitable for you
  • forming and registering the trusts
  • administering the trust
  • assisting with the drafting of documents, and dealing with any contested issues or necessary litigation
  • providing advice on the appointment of trustees and how to deal with legal and financial decisions
  • helping you to determine which assets will be placed in the trust
  • answering all your queries, explaining how a certain trust will be of benefit to you.

We understand that every client has differing needs. We take into consideration your particular legal relationships and obligations, as well as your family and personal circumstances in order to furnish you with the best expert advice and legal services.