Writing this article, the level of contemplation around the sensitivity of this topic held as much weight as the significance of the content, compassion and information that needed expression. I have read hundreds and hundreds of articles, research papers, psycho-analytical data and laws pertaining to the subject of abuse and the definition thereof and yet, the emotional pain of a person expressing the word ‘abuse’ is a palpable experience for all of us at Ian Levitt Attorneys.
A person who has been on the receiving end of denigration and has systemically been destroyed as a human being, will whisper the word as if it is contagious – the secret of discovery steeped in shame. The whisperer says ‘abuse’ often without conviction or clarity that this is what has happened to them, the insecurity and fear are not describable in words but rather felt in the consultation like a knife’s edge hanging in the air.
This article is not about the symptoms, beliefs, behaviours or the identifying characteristics but rather a reminder that you have support. In the depths of your darkness and despair, confusion and pain the one thing that can cause instant change and transformation, is knowledge. Reaching out and getting informed from the right people and source can give you the starting point, plan and relief that you seek.
In any abusive situation, often the symptomatic anxiety and depression inhibits taking action, couple that with fear and despair, finding a solution is not only overwhelming and immobilising it is virtually impossible.
If any of these feelings resonate with you, or you know someone who you think needs not only legal information but requires a strong environment of containment and strategy, the best step forward is to take control and book a consultation for yourself or those you stand for.
Knowledge does equal power, but what transforms knowledge into true actionable change is a team of lawyers who are fighting for your rights as a human being.
Ian Levitt Attorneys is a firm committed to ensuring you are armed with the appropriate knowledge of your legal rights and the ability to exercise them. Our passionate team of lawyers guide and assist you with their in-depth knowledge and understanding that it is not just a legal process but an emotional journey that requires you to strategize and create a future of safety and peace using the law as your springboard.
Taking control is the first step to reclaiming what is yours. Peace of mind and self-value. Each case can present complexities that can include child care, property, asset ownership, trusts, maintenance and more but with your legal rights and safety top of mind, Ian Levitt Attorneys will take your hand and stand with you as you step into courage and bravery.